An established Indonesia-based financial services group


Acquired in August 2011, Wuwungan is one of the oldest private national insurance companies in Indonesia. It was established on 30 January 1953. At the date of establishment, it was named N.V. Maskapai Asuransi Umum Wuwungan. In 1976, it changed its name to P.T. Maskapai Asuransi Umum Wuwungan and subsequently, it changed its name again to PT. Asuransi Wuwungan in 1987. After the acquisition, it changed its name to PT Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance.

The Group collectively hold approximately 89.51% of the enlarged paid-up share capital of PT Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance.

We are focused to deliver quality insurance products to meet customer's needs.

Our product varies from:

  • vehicle insurance, for your car

  • accident and health insurance, for you and your family

  • property insurance, for your home and property

  • travel, for your trip

  • and many more included but not limited to marine & cargo, casualty and engineering, for your every insurance needs

  • our claim services is our way of delivering our promise and assurance to our customers